I like animals...

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Since young, I'm a Enid Blyton's book fan.

I read about the naughtiest girl in school....about how the schools own their own mini zoo....

and since then, I want to start such mini zoos in Asian countries and that's when I started the NTU Animal Lovers' Society.

I was thinking big...

Long term plan to really own a mini zoo in NTU. Something like the Animal Resort concept. Open to the public. Making NTU one of the tourist attraction in Singapore.Bringing joy to little kids. Being an Animal shelter for the unwanted darlings... Not easy to sustain? Of course lots of sponsorships will be needed. We will also need to run a little business. Allowing people to adopt pets from the shelter.

Short term plans: Definitely voluntary works to work in different farms, pet clinics, animal shelters on a weekly basis. That's where one can get experiences to take care of the animals!

And now...I've graduated. I can't do any of the above anymore. I still want to do something related to animals. Know what? I want to be an animal animal show presenter. I want to give my love to the pets n animals that I've always longing for a connection with them.

I have no idea how this will work. Part time? Full Time? Freelance or Voluntary basis...I dunno. What I do know is that I need pets/animals in my life....

There's a grooming centre near my place...and I've always wanted to walk in and volunteer myself as their "receptionist". But where's my guts. I've got to walk in one day....

I do miss Looney. my previous doggie, currently with Jasmine. Wonder how is she doing now.....

Updated in Year 2020: 

And now not just Looney, even Russell is gone. I no longer want to be an animal trainer because I've learnt that animals in captivity = animal cruelty. Know what, I do remember going for an interview as an Animal Trainer in the Singapore Zoo! They pay low so I decided not to move on with the subsequent interviews. And no, i never walk into any grooming centres to volunteer (I don't even know which one I'm talking about here!) 


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