The Practice of Savoring

What is Savoring?

I've gained a valuable lesson recently from "The Science of Well-Being" course with Laurie Santos on Coursera. Savoring, as I've come to understand, is the straightforward practice of momentarily stepping outside of an experience to reflect upon it and wholeheartedly appreciate it while it unfolds. This concept underscores the importance of being fully present and grateful for the moments we encounter in life.

I didn't know about "savoring" until today, but I already like how it works. The timing is perfect because I had a great day, and I decided earlier to write down my experiences. While doing that, I came across the word "savoring," and it made me pay even more attention to what's happening right now.

"Savoring" can help me in three important ways:

1. Being More Present: When I savor, it means I'm fully focused on what's happening at that moment. I notice and enjoy what's going on around me.

2. Staying Motivated Longer: Remembering and savoring the good moments can make me feel happy for a longer time. It can also keep me motivated because I remember those happy moments.

3. Loving Myself: Savoring helps me appreciate myself more. I can remember the good times and feel good about who I am. It's like loving the better version of myself.

I'm amazed by how one new idea, like "savoring," can make life better. Today's discovery has shown me how to be more aware, stay motivated, and be kinder to myself in a simple and meaningful way.
Today's Experience #1:

I often feel bad about myself because I'm not fully there when I'm with my family. I easily get distracted by messages from friends or by wanting to play a game.

But today was different. I had a special moment with my mom. I stopped and thought, "I'm spending time with my mom right now. She's right here next to me on her bed, and we're having a conversation." It was the first time I can recall when my mom said, "Come, let's chat" in our native language, which warmed my heart. Usually, I'd just ignore these simple words, taking them for granted. But today, I was truly present. I took a step back to appreciate the moment. Because of that, I realized that my mom enjoys talking to me, and I felt her warmth. #learningtobepresent

Today's Experience #2:

Something special happened at dinner today. We had not 3, but 5 dishes on the table! I prepared a steamed fish, fried spinach with celery, made a fried egg, oven-baked some leftover potatoes, and heated up the leftover chicken drumstick. As we all sat at the dining table, I worried that we might not finish all the dishes. But to my delight, both my mom and I got more rice to enjoy all 5 dishes, and they vanished in no time! Mom even complimented the perfectly cooked fish, and dad savored his chicken drumstick and saved the oven-baked potatoes for last. It was the best meal I ever cooked, and seeing my parents happily eating made it even better! #stayingmotivated #learningtobepresent

Also, a great achievement today:

I successfully coded something I found challenging! I used JavaScript to create a function that hides content on a website when a button is clicked. It took me some effort since yesterday night, but I finally did it. I felt so happy, and I'm holding onto that feeling to keep myself motivated. Plus, I feel like I've learned more about JavaScript. This feeling is simply amazing! #stayingmotivated

Today, once more:

I completed two workout sessions, and I'm feeling really positive about it. I can sense the soreness in my waist muscles, a sign that my muscles are working hard. It's a great feeling, knowing that I'm making positive changes for my body. I've been snacking late at night for the past few days, but today is different. For the first time, I feel the need to show more love to my body by avoiding late-night snacks. #loveyourself

I truly cherish today. I want to hold onto this day and remember it. So, here it is, I've recorded today 😊.


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