I'm very excited about my /now page. Also the reason why I retrieved this long lost blog and registered

I'll be updating this page often to talk about "now".  

(Updated: 2 April 2020) 

Let's see...

Earlier this week, I've penned down 5 values I treasure and will focus on. They are: Family, Sense of Purpose, Health, Travels, Freedom. 


Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown, I've been spending a lot more time with mum and dad. Probably the longest ever since I left home to study in Singapore 16 years ago. *Achievement Unlocked*

Here are some experiences I have with mum and dad: 

- Dad asked for ginger cookies and I made some for him! Dad loves them alot :) 

- Cooked for the family when mum was unable to due to her eye surgery. 

- Spent more time chit chatting with mum. 

But I understand there's a difference between Being present vs Being around.

I'm now learning how to be present. To enjoy and treasure the moment spent with them. *Need a new book recommendation on how I can achieve this! Please comment and share!*

Sense of Purpose

Sense of Purpose: "the motivation that drives you towards a satisfying future." 

What satisfies me?

I always find joy in building things up. And I find the sense of purpose in building things sustainable too. I shall get myself involves in things that satisfies this purpose. Not driven by money or passion or anything else.

Whatever path I choose now and in the future, needs to be aligned with my 5 values too. If the paths would take a toll into my values, I would need to evaluate the risk. 

Today, I'm building with a group of friends I dearly treasure. My purpose is to help companies and candidates, both to achieve better job matches, one that both parties are winners. 

I've started learning SEO from MOZ Academy too. Let's hope with these skills I can improve prehireform's SERP ranking when it's ready to launch.

I'm also selective on what freelance jobs I take on. They need to share my values. 


I have endometriosis (Shout out: It's Endo Month now. 1 in 10 women get this. Get your checks done!). That triggered me that I need to eat healthier so that one day I can stop my meds and stay out of pain. 

I'm on vissane and therefore I'm my usual me. No pains. No symptoms. Although I do have minor medication side effects. 

But one day, I'll need to stop the meds. When that happens I need to be on gluten free, diary free, soy free diet. Else my pain will come back to haunt me. Along with all those nasty symptoms. Of course, yoga, meditation and exercise helps too. 

I've stopped soy intake for the past few months. I'm taking diary free milk (almond milk) and I'm now introducing gluten free diet into my meals. 

I'll work on having 3 days out of 7 days per week where I'll have gluten free meals whole day. This would mean that I need to cook more often. 

On top of that, I've been practicing yoga and meditation daily for the past 15 days or more. I'll like to turn this into a habit. 


Nothing about travels now. Many countries are under lockdowns. I've purchased the Unlimited Flights on Air Asia X valid till Feb next year. Let's hope this whole COVID thing will die down soon and I can start my travels around sooner!

Not going to work on this NOW. It's something I can't control! 


Freedom = In my definition, this freedom means the freedom to be me and not what is dictated by the society or people around me. Freedom to be myself. And Freedom to choose my path. 

But yet, I'm not sure if I understand me. 

I've started a reading habit now. Thanks to Scribd, for offering a 60 days trial. I hope to discover me better through reading and learning from others. Through reading, I believe it can help me build a better habit to achieve and stay true to my 5 values today.