another 2 aims down...

I bought a Full HD JVC Video Cam at last...

My initial budget was only at 500 bucks but later decided i should invest on a good Full HD Cam.....there, at last I own a Full HD Cam...

Now I can continue editing....I'll bring my cam along with me every important outings....trips....occasions...and I'll have my own collection of nicely edited videos for everyone's viewing pleasure...

Be sure to be proud to have me attend your event!

Next! At last I bought plane tickets to Bali with my friends! Another one down!

Tat's gonna be in June......

Now that I have a few wish lists down, here's a new one, which some are "money can't buy everything"

1. Bali trip with family
2. Working Holiday @ UK
3. I want to slim down to 53kg...(Jiayou!)
4. Own a customized gifts business
5. Work with animals....voluntary or paid.
6. Korea trip
7. Scuba dive!
8. Bring daddy n mummy to Universal Studios
9. Own a puppy

that's all folks! I've got to clear a wish every half a year. Wish me luck guys!

Kam Ling

Updated in Year 2020. 

And now this JVC Cam I was so excited about is up for sale now! haha! Anyone interested?