Shopaholic me is back again!

This time for services..

I just spent a thousand dollars on four different types of services and items.

I seriously need a savings plan....

My punishments:
1. No more cabs for the two months, until after Chinese new year!
2. No more credit card payment for the next two months. Until Chinese new year week.
3. No more super good and expensive meals - gotta spend only ten bucks per day on food!
4. I hve got to find a freelance job! To support my current spending power, I will need an extra 500 bucks!

Comment in Year 2020: 
Haha! What's the logic of putting "no more credit card payments" as a punishment? I wonder what I spent on this day... :) Why do I need to punish myself? Putting a "better spending habit" in place is probably a better thing to do - well, eventually I started using Home Budget app! 

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