A self reflection: 10 years ago vs 10 years today

10 years ago, I stopped blogging and unfortunately, this blog is abandoned. 
I'm Sorry, Blog 😥

Thanks to Google's single sign-on ability, this forgotten blog is found when I was browsing around! 

So I re-read most of the blogs here. 10 years later today, many changed. I have no regrets to every painful lessons and happy encounters I experienced over the past 10 years. They are all part of the journey :).  I am grateful for this journey, allowing me to view the world differently today. 

10 years ago me. 
10 years later me

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When re-reading this blog, I can't help laughing at what I put as my priorities and what nonsense I used to treasure 10 years ago. (E.g: my excitement when I got my HD cam which is currently in my storeroom, and my phone is HD equivalent today) And amazed that some good habits I used to treasure, are still what I value today. I didn't know I used to have a habit of setting goals too! Well done, Young Kam Ling! 

In this blog, let's review if 10 years later today, did I manage to achieve the goals I set back then? 

In reference to this blog post: http://www.fongkamling.com/2010/02/not-too-late-for-new-year-resolution.html

1. ✅ Korea trip by end of the year.
Oh well, I was travelling to Korea every 3 months for work for a whole 2 years + since year 2012! Still love the place much. 

2. ✅ Bali trip with family.
Yes, brought mum and dad to Bali together with sis. The trip happened right after my Bali trip with friends! 

3. ❌ Apply for WH at UK.
Oh dear, they cancelled the WH program to UK when I was ready to apply. It's ok folks! I've done NZ and that's all I need! 

4. ✅ Approach a non-profit animal related shop/organization for voluntary work.
I did! But what I shame I was not a regular. :( I did volunteer to walk dogs and to lead horse riding for special kids. Let's look into how I can start my volunteer works again. 

5. ❌ or ✅ ? Change the habits that I need to change.
 I can't believe I was learning about habit change back then too! 

6. ❌ or ✅ ? Monthly saving of XX amount.
Wait. I'm still poor today. What happened to all my money?  

7.  ✅ Slim down - less 5kg
Yes, I'm sure I've achieved this in year 2013. But today, it's +5kg! haha. Means a whole 10kg increase from my slimmest! 

8. ❌ or ✅ ? Vege weekly
Doesn't matter if I've received this back then! What matters is today! From not eating any vege at all, until eating my first meal of vege (sambal kangkong) when i was 18, and slowly more vegetables...up till today, I'm less picky on the type of vege I take now! Great work! 

9. ❌ Cook @ home at least twice a day.
Nah, no way I've done that!

10. ❌ or ✅ Exercise weekly
I started Zumba and was going regularly. Stopped for a period. And now, I'm doing yoga daily! 

11. ❌ or ✅ For work, to achieve my target
Hey younger Kam Ling, what kind of target is this? Like yes, work target, whats the target? Can't you be more specific? Alright, my work priority today is so different from what I wanted back then. So I'm happy I'm working towards where I want to be - truly me, not what the society and people around say I should be.